In business since 2002, DIVEL® is a provider of automated positioning, handling and storage solutions. By integrating the mechanical, electrical and software engineering, our company realize turnkey projects of very high quality. The DIVEL® approach is based on finding practical and efficient solutions that simplify your operations and significantly enhance your productivity. We offer the right solution to fit with your production needs!


Our different types of lifting and positioning equipment are always adaptable to your needs and specifications in order to meet your fabrication process. They facilitate assembly steps and enhance the quality of such operations. Above all, the mechanical and ergonomics advantages they bring enable to achieve complete solutions that simplify your operations and improve in a direct way your productivity.


Team Divel has solid and proven expertise in designing and implementing test benches. Integrating mechanical, electrical and software engineering allows us to achieve high- quality turnkey solutions. With a thorough knowledge of manufacturing processes, an open-minded, collaborative approach, these applied experience will enable you, with the assistance of real-time reports, to analyze results, then take the necessary action in a clear and precise manner. This global approach assures your client, complete conformity, as well as meeting or surpassing all standards, or requirements demanded on each and every level.


The DIVEL® Automated guided vehicles can transport goods everywhere in your facility. Whether it is boxes, totes, racks or other products, our solutions is flexible and can easily replace conventional handling methods such as conveyors. It could be integrated to an existing conveying system too. An AGV can also be used for smart assembly lines with multiple paths, the transport of finished goods to a warehouse, interacting with automated storage systems or other automated equipment and many other applications requiring product handling. Our solutions are impressive in terms of adaptability, precision and flexibility. There is no need for any complex installation. Following customers’ requirements and production fluctuation, that is very easy to change the layout, add more vehicles to increase the capacity or new paths, at low cost, in a very short time. For more than 3 or 4 vehicles, we have a complete software solution including a logistic management module and a fleet management module. It’s a global, easy, flexible solution for your handling needs! DIVEL® automated guided vehicles (AGV) are designed for the current trend of automation, Industry 4.0!


Our automated warehouse solutions (automated storage and retrieval system) are a multi-axis robotic systems equipped with servo motors whose function is the handling and warehousing of the bins, pallets or other goods inside a storage area. These systems are equipped with adapted handling devices such as telescopic forks. The DIVEL® automated warehouse solution doesn't require major modification or reinforcement to the building structure. Each system is designed with a self-supporting structure. The system can be fully integrated with the production equipment, including Divel’s AGVs. The solution is built with the highest quality standards and state-of-the-art technologies. Our automated handling solutions are powered by a powerful management software. As all our solutions, the automated warehouse system is adaptable to the customer needs.

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The quest for innovative solutions is a collaborative and inclusive venture shared by each and every individual. Team Divel is made up of proud and passionate people that perceive each new challenge as a great source of motivation. Furthermore, Team Divel’s approach favors a stable and enthusiastic team. We strive to consolidate family and professional life. This attitude has proven to attract ambitious, dedicated people with long-term goals that include Divel.

Furthermore, the human approach of DIVEL favors a stability more than enviable of our team so that members can easily settle and conciliate family and professional life.



An active and continuous watch to new technology is one of the basis of our design process. By allowing to multiply options, this enables pertinent solutions to your needs that bring not only stable and secure operations but also consequently profitable.


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